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Do your actions line up with your belief system?

Why is this important?

Because if you FEEL “no” but you say “yes” to

something you don’t want to do, eventually

there will be a price to pay regarding your mental,

emotional and physical health. Take a minute and

ask yourself why you are saying “yes,” when inside

you are screaming “heck NO!”

Is it because you are desiring connection with another

person? On the surface this seems sounds, but in reality,

connection decreases because of the resentment (this

could be conscious or unconscious) that you actually

feel because you are doing something that doesn’t really

resonate with you at the time.  It could be because you really

are too busy at that particular time, you are short on energy, or it

could be that you are disinterested, and it doesn’t align with

your values or purpose.

You are basically abandoning yourself for someone

else. Don’t do it! Choose you!

Read Dr. Gabor Mate’s book “When The Body

Says No” if this subject interests you.